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Welcome to TekLan!

13th Dec 2021

You may have recently been transferred here by us, After the recent purchase of your hosting company! So - A quick intro, We're TekLan Hosting! Our parent company is MrChrissyServices LTD. We recently purchased three smaller companies - Not something we usually do but we made an exception! 

So to alleviate any concerns, Your site is hosted on the same servers they were and we've simply taken over the existing infrastructure! We're hoping to keep migrations to a minimum although the specifications are well below what we feel is acceptable to our criteria but we're confident of a slow and steady approach to improving things!  

Pricing - Always a delicate subject, but we're honouring any existing plans and the only people seeing a change are people on plans longer than 2 years at the point of renewal! Monthly and Annual will retain the same pricing for hosting! Domains will need to be transferred to us and are being done in bulk by the registrar at some point soon with no intervention required by you guys!

If you have any questions about the situation, You can contact me directly by opening a ticket and asking for Chris! We can't answer questions about your old host but we're always around for questions about continuity or if you have general questions about the process - You'll have received communication from your old hosts by email over the last month detailing the changes around the sale - The old sites you used will cease to exist in approx 1 month and will re-direct here!  

Now the boring bits are done, Welcome! We hope you're happy here! 

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