We're always on the lookout for companies looking to exit the hosting market, or simply refine their offerings. No matter if you're profitable or not we'd certainly be willing to offer to purchase your company, Product line or hardware.
What we're looking for is to be able to offer a continuation of service to already satisfied clients and expand our business if you're looking to sell your hosting comapny!

So, How does it work?

Step 1: Get in touch! Simply contact us here Giving us a brief and honest run down of what you're offering

Step 2: We'll make a decision on if it's something we'd be interested in and if so sign a non-disclosure agreement to take a look over things

Step 3: Provided all goes well we'll make you an offer

It's really all that simple - Our offer would entirely depend upon work required in order to get your clients onboarded and up to our standard, This of course is unique in most circumstances and our offers are always unique to each company! We'd aim to do this in the shortest amoount of time possible and with the least amount of disruption to clients as possible!
When clients join the TekLan family they're always taken care of in a professional manner!