About Us

A little more about TekLan Hosting

TekLan - Technology and family, Two strong values we incorporate into our business! The brand TekLan is owned by MrChrissyServices LTD and was fomerly known as MrChrissyHosting!
When it was setup, It was done so as a means to control our own various projects with cheaper costs, more control and to benefit our users rather than recommending services we had no control over!

When we started, We had a private goal of using 7-10% of our web hosting profit to help host charities for free! We actually ended up being far above that target goal, Especially during COVID-19!
To date (June 2021), We have never made a profit from MrChrissyHosting, Or TekLan Hosting
We have made profit on our other services but we opt to help charities and community groups with this service as well as our paying customers! Owing to the success of our other services, We aim to mantain this trend going forward and look for other ways to help people in the future!

To learn more about our free charity hosting, See Charity Hosting

So we offer Shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers worldwide! We plan to offer Game and application hosting pretty soon! As well as a few other things!
If there is anything you'd like us to add visit And Get In Touch

We pride ourselves on being more than your typical hosting company!