• Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Have we recently purchased your old host?

09th Mar 2022

Don't panic! It's not as scary as you've imagined it, There has been a lot of fluctuation in the hosting industry recently in terms of software costs, Energy costs and staffing issues due to covid! We've actually remained pretty stable throughout and have acquired a few other hosting services, Some which we bought and some which we took the customers on due to their previous company struggling! If you were a customer of the former - It was a well planned and executed migration and you'll have received communication from both parties beforehand. The latter could have seemed a little rushed but we hope you're happy here and appreciate the work involved in getting you moved over to prevent loss of service for you guys!

We're pleased to announce you're all now on the same high standard of servers as our clients, We've addressed any lingering situations over the move and we hope you're happy here! We've given every client moved a role of “Migration” which automatically assigns you to the appropriate staff, who know the full details of your previous scenarios should you have any questions! We sent emails out to each customer that was migrated with a useful guide and a introduction but should you need us you'll find us to be quite an approachable bunch! We've enjoyed the positive feedback so far and had some great conversations with new clients! 

TekLan is a little play on Tech and Clan - We consider ourselves a family here from the staff, to the Clients! We try to address people with a little informality and friendly chat when you speak with us - We don't give ourselves a million and one get out clauses in terms of services - We treat people fairly and on an individual basis!  


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